False Labor

“It’s God’s will for me to keep her close, that’s why I trust in God to keep us all safe,” said Clarice. Clarice makes this comment after MarBeth confronts her about Amanda Graystone staying in their house. Clarice continues with her religious rhetoric when expressing her devotion to God.  She explains that, “Apotheosis will bring the twelve worlds under the one true God, and it’s my destiny to make that happen, and I will.” Clarice exemplifies lived religion throughout the show through her unwavering devotion to “one true God.” Her strong monotheistic views control her mind as she firmly believes that her destiny is to serve God. To prove that she is dedicated to God, she makes the comment that she is willing to sacrifice anything, even her own family.

In Karen Armstrong’s article, she makes the point that male’s always hold the dominate role in religion. Clarice’s is a very dominate character. Although it is quite clear that she is a woman, she almost seems like she could be a male through her strong religious views and dominant attitude.

-Brianna Guttman


4 responses to “False Labor

  1. I think that males have traditionally been dominant in religion (and still are in many respects) and the interesting thing is to take a look at Mother and Clarice as females with strong convictions. Although I think that a lot of the class has frequently referenced Clarice in power, I still cannot shake the idea that she reports to someone else who is possibly male–the voice that she speaks to in the confessional is certainly male, but sex in the V world is not necessarily related to sex in real life.

    I think we again struggle with the notion that Clarice is becoming male because she is shown to be dominant. Have patterns of patriarchial thought been so engrained in us that we cannot conceive of a powerful woman?

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